Kindly submit your details as accurately as possible. Due to high volumes of submissions, we are not able to respond to all applicants. 
If your submission was successful, we will contact your within 8 weeks.

(Please send us pictures in the format shown above. Your photos do not have to be professional but must be clear and recent color photos of yourself. They must not be blurry over edited / air-brushed / filters or effects. (Natural photos work best).

Please do not wear sunglasses or hats in your photos so we can clearly see your face, your full body image must be a full length with your whole body clearly visible. (Girls: Please wear your hair loose) 
If you are unsure of your height measurement then please have yourself measured to ensure that your height is correct when you submit your form.

Please make sure your application includes the following informations:

Applying for (Model/Commercial/Talent or Event-Staff)

Job titles you are applying for

Your first name
Last name
Email address
Mobile number
Zip code
Date of birth

What languages you speak and at what level?
Job references

T-Shirt size
Jeans size
Shoes size

Your Instagram and/or Facebook
Photos (Please send us pictures in the format shown above) 

Please note, incomplete applications (missing information or pictures) will not be processed

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